About me

My main job is as a Reader at Manchester Metropolitan University, in the Faculty of Education.

I have a wide range of interests: geography, space, sound, music, media, audio, childhood, schools, education, power, politics, participation, allergies, invasive plants, modernist architecture and Foucault. I previously studied geology. Where possible, I like to experiment with different media in my research.

My writing has been published widely in journals and textbooks, so I use this website to play around with material that doesn’t fit into the usual channels of academic publishing.

I am also a producer, making dubby ambient, house and techno music under the name Northworks. I was previously one half of Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

5 Replies to “About me”

  1. Hello Micheal,
    Are you the “Micheal Gallagher” who went to St James’ RC High School in the 1970s? A few of us are trying to get in contact with our year to organise a reunion.
    Can you let me know either way if you are the right Micheal and if you are would you be interested?

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Clare Moses nee Connolly

  2. Hi Michael!

    Would love to get in touch!

    Is the email address provided on the contact section of the web site the best address to use?



  3. Hi Michael.
    As part of my open university course I’ve had to choose a research study or author to do a bit of an Internet search on… ,. Lucky you..
    I found your article ‘Power is not an evil’ incredibly interesting and insightful.
    As my course has moved on, a great deal of emphasis has been placed on the power that children and young people should have in the new brand of ‘participatory research’.. I totally agree with your point that a certain degree of power should be left in the researchers hands,, to avoid the ‘chaos’ which would surely ensue if left to the children..

  4. Many thanks. For me the argument is not about ‘leaving’ power here, or ‘moving’ it there – power isn’t a commodity. It’s more to recognise the fluidity with which power inevitably circulates, and find ways to ride those waves. Best wishes, Michael

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