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  1. Hi Michael, I’m not sure if your site is still alive but wondered if you could help. I’m really interested in studying geography at university and your website is really interesting. Do you know of any undergraduate courses that cover the material on your website? Plymouth runs a Ocean Exploration and Surveying course which looks cool – do you know it? I’m looking for a place in clearing right now so any help is great.

  2. Dear Christian, this is probably too late for you, but if you’re interested in this sort of stuff then you would need to look for departments with a good number of cultural geographers. Places that comes to mind are Bristol, Durham, OU, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Exeter. MMU has some too. There are probably others. Ocean Exploration and Surveying wouldn’t cover this sort of material.

  3. Hi Michael, thanks for the reply. I’ve only got myself to blame I guess but I actually found out you’re right the hard way. I got a place a Plymouth but it’s just totally not what I hoped for even though the website talked about using acoustic techniques. I’ve had a few boat trips though which is awesome. I had a chat with my tutor about what to do but he’d not heard of you or your work. Do you have any advice? It seems harder to work out what to study now I’m started somewhere.

  4. Dear Christian,

    sorry for the slow reply again. I rarely check the comments on here, too much other work to do. My own view, for what it is worth, is to never persist with a degree that is not enabling you to learn about what you are really interested in. Life is too short, and degrees are too expensive. Of course no degree is perfect, there will always be things you don’t like, but there should be some spark or click between you and what you are studying. I started out studying geology, after some time realised it was not for me and switched to geography at the same university. Never looked back. So, I would say: explore your options.

    I’m not surprised someone teaching oceanography had never heard of me. I’m mainly known in childhood studies and cultural geography because that is where I have published work.

    Best of luck,


  5. Hi again, just to say I thought of you today because I’ve finally discovered why acoustics was mentioned in my course advert. It’s nothing like I expected but it turns out that we can use sound to detect where things are even if you can’t see them (eg under deep and/or murky ocean water). It’s called sonar. Best bit of my course yet so perhaps not so bad after all.

    I’ve started a band too so my acoustic needs are pretty well met right now (keyboards to me but probably known as piano to you). We do math rock mainly, which people say is retro but I like a small niche. I’m wondering if I can use a sonar machine to generate sounds for my band – is that something you’ve done or have one of your tutorials on?

    So just wanted to say thank for your help and I think things are turning out for the best.


  6. Dear Michael,

    Just curious if you ever tried a M/S set with an omni as the Mid microphone? I know, that it translates like two back-to-back-cardioids, but I wonder, if it would sound wider than the “usual” Fig8 + cardioid set, or the opposite? I’m going to try MKH30 in pair with a rather rare AKG Diffuse Field Omni (CK62 DF) tomorrow to record an ambience inside a tram… Thanks + cheers.

  7. I live in south west Edinburgh and first I heard what was like an aeroplane, it was so loud it sounded as if it was going to crash land right in front on me, but there was no aeroplane in sight. This was at about 2am. I know I’m not crazy bcos I seen others rushing to their window to check it out. Then 3am last night I heard what was like a helicopter right above my building, but again nothing I could see which then turned to just a constant humming helicopter sound. I live near barracks so dunno if army are up to something, either way it’s all very strange !?

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