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  1. Given your work on sound and space, you may be interested to
    hear of the publication of my new book,
    (Zone Books / MIT), see flyer attached.
    In the book I put in larger historical context
    the changing attitudes toward and production of
    various musics, sounds, and noises, with particular
    attention to rural and urban environments, architecture,
    and shifting perspectives on Nature in quotes.

    You may also be interested to hear that another geographer,
    Paul Adams at U Texas Austin, is also at work on issues regarding
    sound and geography….

    Hillel Schwartz
    Visiting scholar
    History Dept
    UC San Diego

  2. Hi,

    This is Anjeline, a PhD student from the department of Geography at the National University of Singapore. I’m working on Filipino cover musicians working abroad in hotels and theme parks in Asia.

    I’m writing to ask a copy of your paper on empirics and audiovisual methods, which you presented in UCL last January. I’m keen on working a recording component in my research—not just for performances and interviews, but also solo/group rehearsals, informal jams, etc. Basically I would like to capture the sound worlds of labor, practice, and creativity that these musicians inhabit—and try to recreate what they hear when they make music.

    Any suggested readings or references you think are relevant would be really helpful, too. I know there are a couple of ethnographic studies that consider sound and space (like your 2011 essay in SCG), and Morton 2005 on Irish music. The latter however doesn’t really delve into the implications of recording for geographies of music and seems to treat it more as nothing more than means to an end… which is a bit odd considering the subject matter is music!

    Thanks for your time, and for sharing such refreshing and inspiring work.


  3. Dear Anjeline,

    apologies for the delayed response – I usually just get spam in my comments so don’t check them very often! Maybe you’ve moved on now, but if you still want stuff please email me on michael [dot] gallagher [at] glasgow [dot] ac [dot] uk and I’ll send some stuff to you. I have a paper current under review that might be of use. One paper I’d suggest is Wood, Duffy and Smith, 2007, in Env and Panning D: Society and Space, also some of Michelle Duffy’s other papers are about this kind of thing. There are a couple of PhDs I know of who do work in this area to – Michael Anton, Tom Croll-Knight – they might be worth contacting.

    Best wishes,


  4. Thanks Hillel, I’ll definitely look out for your book. I’ve read some of your work previously and enjoyed it. I don’t know Paul Adams, what exactly does he do?

  5. Hi Michael,
    I’m an artist/geographer and community arts organizer with 4elements Living Arts (www.4elementslivingarts.org – website under construction but some things up). I’ll be in Scotland January 27-Feb 5 for research, and thought I’d just check in to see if any talks or shows of interest might be running during that time?

  6. Hi Sophie, there’s a thing at the Forest in Edinburgh called SoundProof that looks like it might be interesting. Nothing else springs to mind, but at the moment I’m spending so much time working I’m well out of the loop. Places to check might be:

    – in Glasgow: CCA, Tramway, Glasgow Film Theatre
    – in Edinburgh: the Forest, The Filmhouse, Stills, Bongo Club (though they’re moving and might not be open yet)

    Best wishes, Michael

  7. Hi Michael…I am researching some family history…My grandfather had a brother who moved to Scotland but they lost touch…his name was Charlie Gallagher and as much as i have been told he had a son Michael who was in the Strathclyde C.I.D..I know it is a long shot but could you have any info or know anyone who may..My Grandfather came from The town of Dongloe in Donegal….Again longshot and if not then sorry for wasting your time….Pat………..

  8. Hi Patrick,

    I’m afraid I can’t help, my grandfather was from Cork, his name was Billy Gallagher and he was last seen by our family when my dad was a child. Like you I probably have long lost family somewhere. So I know how you feel – we have tried to trace them but with no luck. My parents have always lived in England, I live in Scotland but have no other family connections here on my dad’s side.

    Good luck finding your relatives, I wish I could help,


  9. Mike, I have a professional question for you: I remember you telling me about a sound installation in Germany that involves a sound that goes on basically forever, years and years and will be there in another 100 years. If you remember and could only give me the place or any other information that would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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