‘How to’ guides

These pages share some of what I’ve learned over the years about working with media, mainly audio. There is some other stuff too, such as peer reviewing for journals.

My knowledge mostly comes from being self-taught, so it is patchy and idiosyncratic. Much of it has come from people far more skilled and experienced than myself, particularly sound artists. Some bits are strongly opinionated. I would encourage you to consider other views and make your own mind up.

Sometimes with media the best thing is just to grab some kit and get going. Make it up as you go along; learn on the job.

But sometimes teaching yourself a few skills can be useful. As a researcher, if a research council is funding me to investigate stuff, and I want to use audio to disseminate my findings, it’s not going to work well if the results sound like a mobile phone humping a cheese grater. It would be like publishing writing full of spelling mistakes.

When something is being put forward as ‘research’ – a difficult, loaded term at the best of times – people seem to respond better when it’s clear that you’ve taken some care and time over it. And there is no ‘auto’ setting that will do this for you. (In fact, the auto settings often screw things up.)

Starting out with field recording

How to reduce wind noise in field recordings

Understanding mid-side audio

Peer reviewing for academic journals

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