Workshop in Dundee

In my last post I mentioned another week-long residential workshop Jonathan and I have been organising. ‘Working Creatively with Sound and Image’ took place at the DCA in Dundee in the last week of November. Ten researchers from across the UK came together to spend time collaboratively experimenting with photography, video and audio recording. It was the most enjoyable and stimulating week of work I can remember.

We’ll be documenting the week’s activities in the form of an online Creative Practice Primer which should be finished early next year. In the meantime, here’s a short audio piece I produced during the week:

[audio:|titles=Walk and Talk]

It’s based on recordings made during a walk between two horizons: the River Tay and Dundee Law, a small hill in the city. A group of us navigated by sight up to the top of the hill, and ended up passing through areas of redevelopment, an old industrial zone, across busy roads, through a residential area, a park and up into woodlands on the hillside. Normally on these kinds of excursions, I’m looking to record sounds of what is going on ‘out there’. What fascinated me about our walk, however, were the conversations that developed as we tried to make sense of what we were walking through. So I started recording these as well. One of the workshop participants who was back at the DCA had asked us to phone her with updates, so this piece is structured around recordings of one of those calls. Thanks to Jackie Calderwood for the recording at her end of the phone..

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