Sonic Methods in Human Geography

Back in September, Jonathan Prior and I co-organised a session of papers on Sonic Methods in Human Geography at the Royal Geographical Society annual conference (RGS-IBG). The presenters included a variety of sound artists, researchers and PhD students.

A few people suggested that we should record all the sessions – and we realised it would be a bit daft not to given the topic. I’ve now finished editing the recordings, and you can hear them and download them all from here:

Thanks to everyone who came along on the day, and especially to those who presented. Both Jonathan and I thought the range and quality of the presentations was outstanding, so I’m glad we managed to get an audible record of them. I also like how you can hear stuff like the projector fan, the room acoustics and the clinking of glasses.

We’re also planning a special issue of a journal based on the session. I’ll post more news on that here as it develops..

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