Here’s something I saw in Edinburgh recently:

Looking at the age range, it seems they want someone for an 80s style band who was born between 1983 and 1993. In other words, someone who, at best, would have only early childhood memories of the 80s, and at worst would have no memories of the 80s at all. I had to check out their Myspace page. Anyway, kudos to them for the DIY advertising technique..

3 Replies to “Roxstedy”

  1. Of course you don’t. I just found it amusing that the stipulated age range is explicitly ruling out anyone who would have experienced at first hand the type of music this band claims to be wanting to create. Also, if you want to make any more posts here, please don’t include personal insults.

  2. you dont have to be born in the 80s to enjoy the sounds that came out then ya stupid a***.

  3. Call it what you like, but a crime is a crime when the vandals have got to you van again.

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