Send/Receive: a film about experimental music

Some friends of mine recently made a documentary about DIY/noise/experimental music/sound. It involves interviews with, and live footage of, musicians based in the central belt of Scotland, mainly Glasgow, but I have a strong sense that there are similar kinds of activities going on all over the world. There’s lots of stuff in there about sound, but of most interest to me are the insights into the attitudes, practices and values associated with a certain kind of culture – whether we want to call that experimental, DIY, underground, marginal, subcultural or whatever.

The film itself has a pretty DIY, low budget aesthetic, in keeping with the subject matter. It’s available on Vimeo in two parts:





I was interviewed and appear briefly a couple of times. A full transcript of my interview can be downladed as a PDF here. Again it seems interesting not for what it says about me, or about the kind of music I make, but more sociologically, as some reflections on how someone ends up experimenting with sound and audio media, and what sorts of attitudes and values that entails.

The film also has a tumblr site with a FAQ.